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Web Tool #1 – Lifetick

Lifetick is a web tool that falls under the category Organization and Productivity, and it helps you set and keep goals. I chose this web tool because I often have a hard time keeping track of everything in our busy world.

I found this web tool to be very easy to use. When first logging into your account Lifetick asks you to enter in your core values. There was a help button to further explain what they mean by core values. Core values are things such as lifestyle, career, family, or school. You could type in whatever your core values are that you would like to be focusing on. Then later when you create a goal, you choose what core value it falls under.

Next Lifetick immediately loads the goal form, so you can create your first goal. This was very easy to use and I really liked the format. Then it has a task feature for you to enter in the tasks/activities required to reach the set goal. I think this is especially helpful when you have many steps to take to achieve a goal.

People use this tool individually and organizationally. Individuals use it to set goals and dreams that are all their own, and it helps them track the tasks they need to complete and have already completed. Organizations use it to set goals that include two or more people. That way everyone can keep track of what tasks people have completed, and where they are at in achieving their end goal.

I would use this tool personally, but probably not professionally. I think it would help me organize and keep track of the things I want and need to accomplish, but I wouldn’t want to share that list with others.

One other thing I learned was that while Lifetick is a handy tool, their basic subscription doesn’t include as many features as some people would like. They charge for some of their additional features.

I think Lifetick is a pretty cool tool, but unless it was offered on mobile devices as well as desktop I don’t think that I would use it consistently.