E Portfolio – Pathbrite

After performing a basic internet search for E Portfolio’s I have decided to use Pathbrite. Their site was visually appealing, and they had animated graphics showing how their site was used. I found this very helpful because I don’t know much about E Portfolios.

There seem to be a handful of different ways people use Pathbrite. I found one that was a basic training portfolio on how to use Pathbrite. It was a PDF, so it was good to find out that I can upload those if I so desire.

I also found examples of people using Pathbrite for job resumes, projects and studies, and video sequences.

Pathbrite can be used both professionally and personally, using different accounts so they don’t cross over. I could use it for resumes and to showcase my creative works, and also use it as a sort of blog with text, video and pictures from my life.

I would like my E Portfolio to communicate my wide variety of interests and skills, my creativity and willingness to try new things, and my desire to adventure and explore people, places, and things.

One thing I learned looking at the Pathbrite site is that E Portfolios aren’t nearly as complicated as I originally believed them to be. The Pathbrite interface is especially user friendly, with ways to clearly choose what you would like to insert into your portfolio and where, and allowing you to move things around as the portfolio grows.

Overall, I am very excited to explore this new web tool and utilize it to the best of my ability.


7 Reasons You Should Be Coloring Right Now

1. Stress relief.

Everyone could do with some stress relief. Even in normal circumstances most adults are so stressed we wonder how we haven’t gone bald and gray already. Suggestion, cut 30 minutes out of TV time, or another activity you can afford to cut down on, and replace it with coloring. Art Therapy has been backed up by several scientific studies. Some people haven’t partaken because they don’t feel they are artistic people. Great thing about coloring? Everyone can do it, artistically inclined or not.

2. You think too much.

Don’t lie to me, or give me that look, I know you do. Most of us do. With the rise of technology, our world keeps moving faster. Our brains are constantly moving, and often multiple trains of thought are going on at the same time. Needless to say, this really isn’t good for anyone long term. Taking the time to color a bit once a day, or even once a week, will help empty your head for awhile.

3. It’s satisfying to create.

Seriously. If you live a life or have a job that doesn’t have a lot of avenues for creation, you will be gleeful with how gratifying creating something is. It’s something pleasurable and constructive that you start, you finish, and then you get to look at like “yeah. I did that.” Who doesn’t love that?

4. You can give away your finished works.

Yeah, like when you were a kid, and you’d go up to your Mom, Dad or sibling and say, “look what I colored!” Then they’d (presumably) say thank you, tell you how wonderful it is, and put it on their fridge. That’s probably not the reaction you’ll get as an adult. Still, people are normally pleasantly surprised you thought of them and decided to give them something you created.

5. Revisiting your childhood does you good.

It’s easy to forget what it’s like to be a child. Totes not a good thing. You lose touch with the youth today, and it turns you into kind of a dull person. Reconnecting with the free spirited, free thinking, imaginative child that’s still somewhere inside may just be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Don’t let the world, your fear of judgment, or whatever it is, stomp down your inner child.

6. It’s a healthy distraction/vice.

Yeah, sure, it can’t replace them all, but it can replace some. Instead of having a cocktail (or whatever it is you do when stressed, unless it’s working out, just do that) after a bad day give coloring a shot. Shuck all that adult life whirling in your head, and take the edge off.

7. It’s freaking fun.

That’s right. FUN. The most important reason to color. Color for 30 minutes? Screw that, I’ma color all night. “Wanna go out for drinks?” Nah, brah. I’m coloring.” It’s enjoyable to do alone in silence, with others, with music, watching TV, whatever. Decompress, chat and color, what could be better? There are even bars that have coloring available now.

You can find coloring books pretty much anywhere now that it’s risen so much in popularity. Target and Walmart both carry them. Book stores do as well. If you want specific ones there is plenty of online shopping for coloring books as well.

My personal favorites are the “Swear Word” coloring books. Beautiful or adorable pictures paired with inappropriate words and phrases. Check ‘em out at TARGET. They have a great online selection.