Student Web Tool

The tool I selected is MarinaraTimer.

This tool helps you manage your time so you can improve your work and project productivity.

I selected this tool because often times I have issues with my time management, as many students do. Sometimes I forget to take breaks, which stresses me out. Other times I have a hard time staying on tasks with the many interruptions we face in our daily lives.

This web tool is very easy to use. There are three options on the main page that clearly outline what each option is. You simply click it, and customize it if you chose one that isn’t preset. I chose the Pomodoro timer which gives you 25 minute blocks of time broken up by three five minute breaks. After the fourth 25 minute block there is a 15 minute break. The timer just started and I didn’t have to do anything else.

There are no examples of how people use this timer, but I believe it would be useful to break up any task from work, to school, to household work, to money management/bills.

I would use this web tool mostly for school. When sitting down to work on school work for hours on end it will help me remember to take a break while also reminding me to stay on task during the on task intervals. I could also use this professionally. For instance, at an office job it’s good to take a five minute break to move around a bit.

There are no privacy settings for this web tool nor do I believe there needs to be. It is a simple timer with no personal settings or information required.

One other thing I learned is that there are many student web tools that are designed to help students study. Some of them are complex, and some of them are as simple as this timer web tool.





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