Google Tool

The tool I chose is Google Keep

I use a lot of Google Tools. I hadn’t heard of this one, and I liked the idea of being able to save notes and reminders all in one place. I’m a bit obsessive over organization, lists and notes.

The most important thing I was looking for in this sort of tool was ease of use and a organized layout.

Like most of Google’s tools it’s very easy to use. After installing a Google web extension in my Chrome browser I was able to use all aspects of the tool. It’s very simple to add notes, lists, photos, and notes with drawings. There’s not really any guess work in using the tool.

Most people use this tool to help organize their daily lives, and to remind them of important tasks or appointments.

The tool allows the user to make shopping lists, task lists, important notes and blurbs to remember, save photos of items they like or save ones to remember for later, add photos with captions etc. All of these things can be used personally and professionally. Especially because everything is saved specific to your Google Account, so you can access your Google Keep across devices, and save your professional and business things to their separate accounts.

This Google tool shouldn’t say much about the user. It’s a private interface.

None of what is created on a user’s Keep is shared with any other user. It’s kind of like saving these things to your own computer, but instead it’s to your own Google account. You can adjust your Google account settings to adjust Keep’s settings.

There is an option to share items from your Keep, but that is the choice of the user. I definitely would want to protect my privacy with this because often times tools like these are used to organize and save our own thoughts, which is personal.

One other thing I learned is that Google has a lot more web tools than I was aware of. There were quite a few that I’d never even heard of that I want to try out now.


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