Choice Tool

The tool I selected was Google+ The tool provides a way to discover new things and connect with people who are passionate about similar interests.

I came across this tool while researching the Google Tool options, and I really wanted to check it out after that. Connecting with people over shared ideas, interests or hobbies is something that I like to do, and this platform seems to be widely used and well organized.

The tool is fairly simple. The menu is listed on the left hand side, with more options for those menu items on the top. All it took to understand what each menu item was, was clicking on it.

People use this tool to share ideas, and connect with other individuals interested in those ideas. For example, people discuss business, technology and science, bouncing ideas off each other. Others use this to connect with people over something they love or enjoy. There are whole communities centered around specific television shows, bands, activities etc.

I think I would mostly use this tool personally, to make connections with people who like the same things as I do, but I never would have met in real life. I could use it to research and bounce ideas off other people for professional as well.

I want this tool to highlight my main interests and ideas, represent that I am a free and opinionated thinker, and that I also enjoy debate and discussion.

Though you sign into Google+ with your Google account there are additional options available on Google+ to protect your privacy. They are very similar to Facebook. Ie who can send you notifications, who can comment on your public posts, whether to allow geographic sharing. I want to use these settings. Whenever communicating with a wide audience over the web like this I believe it’s important to protect your privacy.

One other thing I learned is that Google+ isn’t just trying to copy Facebook as I believed previously. It’s more about interests and hobbies than Facebook is.




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