Social Bookmarks Tools

The social bookmarking tool I selected is Folkd at . The tool allows users to save their bookmarks online, share these links with their friends, and see what links their friends have saved as well.

I selected this tool because I liked the idea of being able to share bookmarks socially among friends and all in one place. I really like the idea that the links are always there and you know exactly where to find them rather than scrolling through old texts or facebook messages.

A lot of people use this tool to share interesting links they’ve found and funny videos. However some people have been using it to share and promote their own web pages and projects as well.

I could use this social bookmarking tool both personally and professionally. I could use it to share links, as so many users do, of interesting and entertaining content. I could also use this to share my own web page’s video content, or funny pictures, to help promote a business.

I would like my social bookmarking tool to show case my dark and diverse sense of humor and personality.

I did not find much in the way of privacy settings. In this case I didn’t mind as much. Most of the profile information is optional to fill out, and I wouldn’t be sharing personal information on this web tool.

One thing I learned, or observed, was that social bookmarking tools are not that popular yet. It seems to me they haven’t quite taken off.


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