Web Tool #2 – Babbel

Babbel is an educational web tool that offers online lessons to learn 13 different languages. I chose this web tool because language is interesting to me, and the site layout is very friendly and visually appealing. It looks updated and fresh, rather than some web tools that look drab and outdated.

Babbel is very easy to use. During registration you choose what language you are interested in learning, and then your home page loads with that course. It shows your progress in the course on a bar on the bottom. You can add other languages as well. However, the full depth of courses for each language is not available unless you pay a subscription. I really liked that they didn’t ask me for my credit card information for the free version.

Most people use this tool for personal reasons. Either they’re interested in the language, or they’re thinking of traveling to the country where the language is native. I do not believe many people use this platform professionally.

I would definitely use this tool personally. I have a interest in languages, and it would be useful to use to brush up on my German, and to keep it fresh in my head, as I’ve forgotten much of it over the years.

As much as I am aware of how much is available on the web, I had not realized that a language platform was available where part of it is free. I thought this was really cool, and I’m excited to use this web tool.



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