E Portfolio – Pathbrite

After performing a basic internet search for E Portfolio’s I have decided to use Pathbrite. Their site was visually appealing, and they had animated graphics showing how their site was used. I found this very helpful because I don’t know much about E Portfolios.

There seem to be a handful of different ways people use Pathbrite. I found one that was a basic training portfolio on how to use Pathbrite. It was a PDF, so it was good to find out that I can upload those if I so desire.

I also found examples of people using Pathbrite for job resumes, projects and studies, and video sequences.

Pathbrite can be used both professionally and personally, using different accounts so they don’t cross over. I could use it for resumes and to showcase my creative works, and also use it as a sort of blog with text, video and pictures from my life.

I would like my E Portfolio to communicate my wide variety of interests and skills, my creativity and willingness to try new things, and my desire to adventure and explore people, places, and things.

One thing I learned looking at the Pathbrite site is that E Portfolios aren’t nearly as complicated as I originally believed them to be. The Pathbrite interface is especially user friendly, with ways to clearly choose what you would like to insert into your portfolio and where, and allowing you to move things around as the portfolio grows.

Overall, I am very excited to explore this new web tool and utilize it to the best of my ability.


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